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     Apple + Avocado • 550 UAH (2 l = 5 portions)

(This smoothie owes avocado to its silkiness. We can compare
 it to the one of a cream or a light puree.)
ingredients: avocado, apple, lemon juice, mint

     Blackcurrant + Cherry • 450 UAH (2 l = 5 portions)

(Blackcurrant and cherry get the top notes of this smoothie, they dominate over kiwi and apples. Moreover, this drink has the effect of a vitamin bomb.)
ingredients: blackcurrant, cherry, kiwi, banana, apple

     Banana + Chocolate • 460 UAH (2 l = 5 portions)

(This is a classic cocktail which will be an ideal snack when one wants to have something sweet. By the way, in this recipe dark chocolate is used.)
ingredients: banana, chocolate, milk

     Kiwi + Strawberry • 470 UAH (2 l = 5 portions)

(This typical summery drink with kiwi&strawberry as protagonists is not only tasty, but it's also one of the most low-caloried smothies which can contribute to your slim figure.)
ingredients: kiwi, strawberry, orange, apple

     Mango + orange • 510 UAH (2 l = 5 portions)

400 мл
(Your vacation will start here and now when you taste our mango smoothie, which is truly capable to teleport everyone into the serenity of tropical paradise.)
ingredients: mango, orange, banana

     Beetroot cake with chocolate • 230 UAH (1 kg = 7 portions)

(National Ukrainian vegetable is a great option for pastry. It will reveal chocolate from a new angle.)
ingredients: beetroot, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, cocoa, flour, bicarbonate of soda, salt, cinnamon

     Banana cake with sesame seeds • 240 UAH (1 kg = 7 portions)

(In this cake banana acts like a main ingredient, which is quite unusual for this fruit. And sesame seeds contribute to the texture of the pastry giving it a nice crunch.)
ingredients: banana, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, bicarbonate of soda, yoghurt, lemon zest

     Lemon cake • 240 UAH (1 kg = 7 portions)

(This is the case when a fresh and tender uni taste of lemon is so all-sufficient that makes a difference.)
ingredients: lemon juice, lemon zest, flour, butter, sugar, eggs, bicarbonate of soda, salt

     Carrot cake • 220 UAH (1 kg = 7 portions)

(Carrot cake has become a piece of classic abroad. Here in Ukraine we only start to discover it. It's also very useful as a carrot keeps all its properties at high temperatures.)
ingredients: carrot, flour, sugar, cinnamon, bicarbonate of soda, vegetable oil, eggs